Friday, June 13, 2008

A Charming City

Opelousas is a diamond in the rough, the third oldest city in the state and get off the main Street. Great neighborhoods in downtown sporting classic homes and vintage American Bungalow style homes on Court, Market to the left and right of the Courthouse. Several classic Southern style homes. City is close to music venues of Zydeco dance halls, Slims- Richards and Franks Ranch. Minutes to Washigton LA for classic antique hunting, be sure to go to the Old School House with a hundred's dealers (Friday-Sunday). 30 minutes from Lafayette

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love After Effects

Love After Effects
I wrote this some days before……I didn’t post because I was thinking that is this right to post on here. But later on I felt that I have to post this because from this others will also get to know the reality.
This friend of mine was in a very bad mood yesterday. She just cried and cried over nothing. A few years back after passed my engg she called up a friend and this is what she heard from the other side “Don’t you even understand that I am not interested in you any more? I even don’t want to talk to you. Don’t dare call me back” She was hurt. She was disheartened. She didn’t know that why all these things happened? She was broken down by those words. I was so astonished that how feeling can change. I didn’t understand that circumstances & time can change as life goes. But when people are changing then you feel that you can’t trust on someone. You will stop believing in relationship.
They say history repeats itself. And yes it does. The same thing happened with one of very very dear friend of my that friend. Recently as the guy said “Is it that hard to understand that I am not interested in talking, I don’t know why do you call me again and again?” time made history repeat. And even she is not an exception to the axiom errr.. theorem (for her life at least). Another got hurt again in same condition. She was disheartened. Tears rolled down her eyes, which no one could see.
As she described what happened with her last evening, I went into deep thoughts. I thought and I thought and I concluded. The worst thing to do in life is to give someone the power to hurt you. And even worst is when that someone knows that he or she has the power to hurt you. Some time people don’t know that they have given the power someone to you. It happens because you love that person so much. Take my word they would make use of all the occasions where they can display this power of theirs. That’s human nature. That’s human psychology. And even who deny this thought are not exceptions to this psychology. In fact they are the ones who are the most bound by this kind of nature. Hypocrites I call them. Those who can’t even accept that they hurt others intentionally and derive sadistic pleasure out of their rude & heartless acts and through public display of the unbeaten power bestowed upon them by the lesser mortals themselves - those who they hurt.
She again wondered what was wrong. Why this happens to me? Why was everything related to her so “trivial” (as they say)? Was it that she herself was trivial? She wondered what her mistake was. Where was she wrong? What wrong did she do? She could not understand neither could I. She was a sweet girl – pretty and jolly natured. Everyone likes her so much. In her life she didn’t go behind any guy. As I know her very well, I had seen how many guys fell for her. All the girls feel jealous with her. That time I used to feel that she is so lucky, she won’t be having any fight for a guy in her life. She is not very pretty. She is ok types in looks. She is having a good nature by GOD gift. That’s why people run after her. But I was wrong. If something will happen like this with a person who is having a very good nature. Then I would say god is having a good sense of humor. Looking forward to life and but life somehow had been hard to her always. Don’t know why? Life was hard to her; hard to the extent that she had started believing that she wasn’t lovable and she would never get love in her life – never as in never. Love which she wanted from someone whom she loved up to the level of infinity. But this wasn’t true – I tried to convince her. Although I wasn’t very successful in doing so as I could see when looked at her sad and depressed face.
She felt, that probably she was not as big shot as her dear super-intelligent friend and so he felt it might be difficult for her to understand things. But she at least wanted to tell her dear friend that she wasn’t as dumb as he felt and although she depicted that she hasn’t understood, she actually has understood everything more than a normal person. I would say more than that guy who doesn’t have any respect for girl. May be she is not big shot in studies but she is a very very BIG shot in real life and that’s really a great thing to be. Because now a days it’s hard to find such kind of a person. Its easy to find a person who is having money. Everyone is running in a never ending rat race. Yes she understood everything this time. She decided not to show her felling any longer. She decided to understand that her friend is not “interested” in talking to her any longer. And so her answer was the same. “No it is not hard to understand that you are not willing to talk to me” she said. And yes as I could see the strength of her decision this time in her deep eyes; she would always remember this now. She wiped off her tears and decided. “I definitely don’t want to prove myself so low and useless. I cannot lose my self-respect and self-esteem more than this.” she said to me. This very thought and decision is definitely going to be there at the back (or front!!) of her mind always (or at least for a very long time to come) no matter what.
So what does she learn out of all this and what do I learn out of this and what do we all have to learn out of this. Do I learn something? Yes I do, never give anyone the power to hurt you. And if you do don’t tell them. And if you do it’s all over. You would not be able to carry the burden of being humiliated, hated, unwanted, undesirable, useless, waste for very long. You will breakdown one day. And when that happens it will be all over forever. Because when a true heart breaks it finds it even harder to recover than those intelligent brainy hearts (SHITTY BIG SHOT PEOPLE).
Remember… “Friends who like you and love you would never make you cry and those who do are not worth your friendship. It’s in your best interest to forget that they exist and live a peaceful life. It takes time to forget people but it is not impossible. Give time to yourself because time heals better than anything else. Pursue some hobby or interest of yours. Dedicate yourself to a cause. Life is too big to waste after an individual. Life is a blessing and do not let it go in vain. Look around yourself and you will soon discover that life is beautiful… except for a few ugly, rude, selfish faces and a few sad moaning memories that you need to forget and come over. Give a few chances to those who have hurt you, may be they realize and things go fine. But never give an infinite number of chances and do not hurt yourself endlessly. As is the case with everything each and everything in this world has a limit and when that limit is crossed, STOP. Because then it’s over… so move on. Move on because that’s how life goes – it’s about going forward and not about looking back.”
I always say “A thing may be change your life or not…....but life keeps on changing may be due to that thing or may be due to some other reasons……”
So the bottom line is that life will change after some time whether you like it or not.